Electric Bikes

Here at the Bike Shed we stock the very best electric bikes in the world from the finest brands, Trek, Specialized, Giant, Cube plus Tern, Brompton and Forme. As Devon’s largest cycle retailer we have a huge number of e-bikes on display in our branches in Exeter, Barnstaple and Crediton.

An electric bike is a normal bicycle but with an electric motor to help you ride further, longer and with less effort. They have the usual pedals and bicycle transmission but with the advantage of taking the strain out of riding up hills!


Can you still get fit and enjoy the health benefits of cycling with an electric bike? The answer is yes definitely – an electric bike simply gives you options, it amplifies your power giving you an extra boost to go further and faster. You can adjust the assistance levels to suit your workout….or if you’re not feeling it – pop it in turbo mode and let the bike do the work!


All e-bikes in the UK are pedal assist which means the motor will only assist you whilst you’re pedalling. The motors are allowed to assist you up to 15.5mph, to go faster you’ll have to power the bike the old fashioned way. Try riding up a hill at 15mph on a traditional bike and you’ll soon seen the benefits!

We have a huge selection of electric bikes for road, mountain, commuting and families so get in touch now and talk to an expert.